Bhandari believes that all his growth today is back-boned by its strong human capital that is working with high dedication for their company. Taking best possible care of their on-job Health and safety is a matter of prime concern. Our manufacturing facility and all offices have high safety measures that ensure its employees a healthy and safe working environment.

BFTL is managing a hospital which caters to the complete requirement of health needs of employees and their family members and also to the larger community of city and its adjoining areas. It has all necessary facilities including ambulance, pharmacists, etc. Are managed by round the clock professional medical officers. Health check-up comprises pre-employment and periodical check-ups. Special tests are also conducted before issuing height pass for concerned workers and eye sight check-up for cranes and heavy equipments operators. First aid boxes are maintained at various locations. Regular first aid trainings are imparted, thus creating a ready pool of first aiders in case of need.


We, Bhandari are devoted to ensuring zero harm to our employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate. We firmly believe that all accidents are preventable and have taken several measures to promote safety at various stages. This is vital to our business process and is laid down in our health and safety policies, standards and working procedures.

Individual Identity cards are issued to the workers/staff, only after fulfilling HR related statutory provisions, pre-employment health check-up, safety Induction training and subsequent refresher training at Safety Training Centre.

We have established safety committees involving employees at all levels, helping to ingrain a strong sense of personal responsibility across functions. These have contributed significantly to the formulation and upgrading of policies, strategies and standards.

We aim to be the health and safety benchmark for the steel industry globally, and our goal is to achieve the best possible minimum lost time injury frequency (LTIF) rate as per industry norms.

Safety Promotions

A dedicated SAFETY TRAINING CENTRE (STC) well equipped with multimedia facilities viz., Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarms, Fire Escape routes and Exit signs, LED Display Training Modules, Safety Videos on various topics and sitting capacity of 50-70 persons is established to impart audio-visual aided induction & job specific safety trainings weekly.

Various Safety Promotion campaigns, awareness drive, publicity & propaganda are undertaken at regular intervals to instill safety culture. Following are worth mentioning

  • Plant wide display of safety messages, posters, slogans, safe work instructions, SOP, Do’s & Don’ts, MSDS, etc;
  • Grand observance of National Safety Day/Week, Fire service day/week & World Environment Day/Week involving entire workforce;
  • Quiz, essay, poster, etc. competitions on safety, fire, environment & energy
  • Demonstration of usage of PPEs like Full body harness, Life line, Fall arrestor, Rescue operation, etc.
  • Distribution of pamphlets such as ‘Traffic Safety Guidelines with Road Map’ to all drivers at the entry gate and ‘Safe Material Handling’ to all Hydra & Crane operators;


BFTL is committed to carry out all activities & process for manufacturing of ss steel coils, foils, tubes, pipes and fittings in environment friendly manner with continual improvement in effectiveness of EMS. This we will achieve by:

  • Adhering to environmental legislation and regulations through use of modern technology to the specified level.
  • Endeavor for minimizing the impact of our activities on environment
  • Committing ourselves to continually monitor, control and to reduce the depletion of natural resources.
  • Recognize and care for the concern of our employees and interested parties regarding the impact of our operation on the environment.
  • Conserving the green belt in and around the plant and encourage the plantation of trees.
  • Reducing generation of wastes and ensure proper handling and disposal of inevitable waste as prescribed by the regulatory agencies.
  • Create awareness; impart Training and encouraging all our employees to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Our Environmental policy shall be made known to public and other interested parties.

To be in harmony with nature, Bhandari, continues its efforts such as tree plantation, maintenance of green belts and gardens in and around our manufacturing units, vermi-compost of waste and its use as manure, recycling of treated water in cooling water system and in horticulture activities, etc.

  Compliance to all legal and societal requirements related to occupational health, safety and environment. To us these initiatives not only refer to the compliance of human right standards, labor and social security arrangements, but also to respond to climate change, sustainable management of natural resources and consumer protection.